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Providing innovative research and marketing strategies to take your product or service further.
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Leave no detail undiscovered. Gain valuable insight on your target and align your objectives to develop the ultimate product or service.


Go beyond the obvious solutions and discover your breakthrough idea. Become invaluable to your customer and set yourself apart from the competition.

Create an Experience

Turn a transaction into an experience. Develop a relationship with your target, encourage dialogue and expand awareness.

Our Story

Interface in Design, Inc. (IID) has been in research and consulting business in the United States since 1993. IID was first created as a strategic subsidiary of a Japanese automotive company and in 2001 it became an independent firm. IID supports business/product development operations of Japanese companies in the U.S. market. IID has been provides research and consultation services, including suggestions for improving business as well as concept development for products, design and services. With the back ground of strong connection of two countries of U.S. and Japan, IID specializing in international marketing, helps business success in domestic/U.S. as well as, European and Asian markets by considering culture and ethnology. IID has implemented services to the new research techniques, tasks, and business models. At the same time, IID expands service to the user experience and user interface fields. Due to the company’s growth, IID’s head office in Japan became public in Mothers in 2015 and has been growing since then.

  • auto

    Full working knowledge of the industry with emphasis on product planning and design.

  • electronics

    Home, mobile, and beyond.

  • med

    Large and small-scale systems and instruments.

  • uiux

    Interactivity, engagement, and ease-of-use.

Meet Etsuko

Born in Tokyo and completing her program at the Musashino Art University, Etsuko started a career at Nissan in 1991 as an interior designer. She was involved in the design and development of both domestic and show vehicles. After Nissan, Etsuko became a diving instructor in the Palau Republic for three years before returning back to Japan to become a packaging designer for a design firm in Tokyo. In 2001, she transferred to IID, Inc. and started her career as a design researcher. Since then, she has been promoted to president of Interface In Design, Inc. the international subsidiary of IID. She has a deep understanding of the methodologies of research and has a focus in design related projects as well as ethnography.

Etsuko has a deep understanding of the methodologies of research and has a focus in design related projects as well as ethnography. Feel free to visit her Japanese user experience blog, u-site.jp.
Etsuko Morihara
Etsuko Morihara
President / COO

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